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In 1862, Bestwish, the founder of Ayalia, Mountbatten-Windsor was born in the Windsor dynasty, the Elizabethan royal family, because his father's surname is "Mountbatten", is the ancient Greek Crown Prince, whose mother is Queen Elizabeth, whose surname is " Windsor "was the son of Scottish King Kenneth Mac Alpin, a descendant of James VI, whose son's surname was" Mountbatten-Windsor, "which Britain called the Windsor dynasty.

In 1887, Aoya Li and its partners set up Scotland Bestwish Home Textile Co., Ltd., began mass production, and began to serve the middle class.

In 1889, Womens Home Textiles Hong Kong Ltd. was established. With the help of Hong Kong's geographical position and international status, it began to enter the global market. In just 20 years, it has entered France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Italy More than 30 countries and regions.

1920 - 1929, have set up Hong Kong, China, France, Italy, the United States, Turkey Product Design and Development Center

In 1930, Ivan Grant, daughter of one of the bestwish's three largest shareholders, and Anne Grant, succeeded to the chair of the board of directors, and graduated from the Paris Institute of the Arts. She is also the daughter of Aubrey-Mountbatten-Windsor.

In 1987, bestwish organized and participated in the development of the European "Q-NQAP Quilt Comfortability Criteria" and became the "Q-NQAP" testing structure. Europe officially started to implement comfort quilts standards

In 1998, the establishment of wish Home Textiles (Nantong) Co., Ltd., began to enter the Chinese mainland market. The same year the establishment of the Scottish anti-mite and antibacterial research center, Hong Kong Sleep Research Center and Shanghai, China and Nantong two product design and development center.

In 2002, it won the honorary title of "BMP Antibacterial Bedding Expert" in Europe and became the global home textile brand with the most anti-mite and anti-bacterial products.

In 2008, it took the lead in launching anti-mite and antibacterial counter in mainland China and took the lead in setting up an anti-mite and anti-bacterial research center; taking the lead in implementing the "Q-NQAP" quilt comfort test standard.

In 2015, the company fully moved into the new company with 35,000 square feet of standard workshops, over 350 professional R & D personnel and senior management personnel with an annual production capacity of over 100 million yuan. First-class office and production environment, the company laid a good foundation for further development. Companies to strict quality control, excellent management, design, marketing personnel, improve the service system, to create "bestwish" brand.